An Introduction To Life (1)

“But what can I do?” I asked the Fallen Angel since Mister Sun is busy doing nothing most of the time.

“You can always sell one of your kidneys on the black market,” she answered, “but chances are pretty soon after that you will need to sell your remaining one too .” That’s what I like about her: the Fallen Angel always tells the truth. Unlike her brother Mister Sun and his vicious gang.

“Will I get good money for one of my kidneys? I mean… I’m not the youngest… and given my lifestyle…”

“Of course,” she said, “it’s not like we are actually going to use that silly organ, we just want you to give it up. In return you will get some euros.”

On my way to the meeting point

I almost missed the bus because the streets in Bucharest are just too crowded and nobody seems to know where they’re going. Homeless beggars to the left, over occupied ants to the right and me, stuck in the middle, desperately trying to make it to the meeting on time. Not that anybody cared. And why should they? No smiles to be found.

How can you let your own children starve, and then look the other way? These idiots went straight from communism to the  almighty American Dream – the biggest lie still alive, along with religion (sorry mom, but some things need to be written). What’s happened to European democracy? Any market that isn’t socially corrected is doomed to unleash another bloody revolution. History will repeat itself. It always does. We will never learn.

There was only one free place left on the bus.

“What do you think you’re doing?” the young guy asked me. He looked familiar. I chose not to answer and put on my headphones. He gave up and got off the bus at the next stop.

‘Welcome To The Jungle’ was brutally interrupted by a phone call.

“Guess who,” said Mister Sun.

“Why did you send me a man?” I asked. “You know they bore me to death.”

“The last time I sent you a woman my son was born,” he answered.

A few bus stops later

She looked amazing and smelled pretty nice.

“You stink of alcohol,” she said and smiled.

“Let’s get this over with,” I said. “Show me the money.”

“I’ve been instructed to give you something more valuable than some stupid cash. I guess somebody likes you,” she replied.

“Are you fucking kidding me, bitch? Give me my money.”

“It’s not too late to turn back,” she said, cold as ice. “Unless, of course, you want to die rich.”


Fuck it!

“Alright, talk to me.”

“Great. Very smart. Few people know that in this time you are living, no operating system can recognize if something is going wrong while it’s running. If you have half a brain you can use this to your advantage. Enjoy.”

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