Love Is For Members Only

“How are you, Filippo?” she asked on Messenger.  I knew something was wrong. If not, she wouldn’t contact me.

“Hi,” I replied, “I’m fine. How’s life treating you?”

“So so. How’s your novel going?”

“So so. Actually no, that’s not true, I’m a bit stuck – as could be expected.”

“I’m a bit stuck too. I’m completely lost,” she said.

No shit. Now what a surprise. Don’t say anything. Wait.

“Why does love hurt so much?” she asked.

“Fuck if I know.”

“I mean, why aren’t relationships forever?”

“Seriously woman,” I said. “You’re asking me?”

“Come on Filippo, you’re older.”

“Thanks for pointing that out.”

She’s a real beautiful one of 26, maybe 27, I’m not sure. My memory is going down. Fast.

“Tell me something about love,” she insisted.

Is she drunk? Maybe I should call her? She’s definitely not okay. No, I’m not in the mood for a sad voice. And what if she starts crying? No. Stick to Messenger.

“Love is a waste of time, honey. Besides, the question is if we want to love or need to be loved? And, you know what’s really fucked up? It takes two to tango so you can’t control the shit.”

“I expected some better advice from you, you know.”

“Really? Weren’t you the one who told me I am one of those to sleep with but not to marry?”

“Did I actually say that?”

“You did. Listen, I’m very sorry but I had a long day. What do you want to hear from me?”

“You know exactly what I want, Filippo.”

“Well, I guess I do. So here we go. I’m not seeing anyone at the moment so if you need a break from everything for a while, get your sexy ass on a plane and visit me. To be honest, it might do me some good as well. Let’s face it, we always have a good time together. So you can stay as long as you like. And once you got your power back, you go back to your life. What do you say?”

“Do you really think that’s a good idea?”

“Trust me, it’s the best idea ever. It doesn’t get better than this. What do you think?”

“Can I answer you later?”

“Sure. No pressure. Just let me know when your plane lands. I will pick you up at the airport. And dress sexy. You will feel better. Not to mention you’ll put a smile on my face.”

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