Lily From Lyon Sure Has Some Teeth And An Attitude

During my evening walk I spotted this beautiful flower sitting on a bench in front of the church in Ghajnsielem. Gorgeous legs. I guess she was drunk since she was speaking out loud to herself. At first I couldn´t understand witch language she spoke.

  • Are you okay? I asked.
  • Quoi?

I immediately changed to French (as many of us Flemish do). Are you alright? I repeated.

  • What do you want? she shouted.
  • Nevermind, I said. (Fuck this shit.) And I continued my walk.
  • Wait! What´s your name?

I turned around and wanted to answer “Roy” but she was already hugging me, and kissing me on the mouth. (What is it lately with women hugging me? Can´t fucking deal with that. Maybe I should get myself a t-shirt for the summer that says: BACK OFF, I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH INTIMACY! So I can just point my middlefinger to the text and say “You can read, can´t you?)

  • Roy, I said after I pushed her gently away. Nice to meet you. (Things I say.)

Of course she started crying. (I hate that.)

  • Do you think I´m ugly? she asked.
  • Let me have a look, I said. I took a step backwards. It seemed she couldn´t believe her eyes or got a bit nervous but that´s not my problem.

A couple passed by, staring at us.  I guess it must have been a strange scene in the middle of the street.

  • By the way, what´s your name, my belle?
  • Lily.
  • Well Lily, to answer your question: you look amazing. Great legs, nice tits and a beautiful face. I wouldn´t worry if I were you. Can you turn around please?
  • Are you for real?
  • Turn around, I repeated when I lit a cigarette.
  • Okay, she said with an evil smile.
  • You have a magnificent ass!
  • Why don´t you take me home?

I hugged her and started kissing her.

  • Where do you live? I asked.
  • I´m staying at the Grand Hotel.

A tourist? Even better! No complications. If necessary I will give her my Facebook and block her once she starts nagging.

I put my arms around her and we slowly started walking. Neither of us said a word. Brilliant. I never liked this chit-chat anyway.

  • Let´s play a game, she said. I can ask you a question and then you can ask me one. What do you think?


  • Well, technicaly you just asked me a question. But okay, shoot.
  • How old are you?
  • Don´t worry, I said, I´m not a minor.

And there was that evil smile again.

  • Your turn, she said.
  • Okay. You don´t have a husband or boyfriend waiting for you in your hotelroom, do you?

Evil smile again.

  • Since you didn´t reply to my question Roy, I´m going to answer with “What if?”
  • Well, he better be openminded then because I´m horny as fuck by now.

We walked past my apartment but for some reason I decided just to go to the Grand Hotel instead of going to my place.

We finally made it to her hotelroom. (No husband nor boyfriend to be seen. Good.)

She immediately switched of the light and threw me on the bed.

  • I prefer the lights on, I whispered.
  • Shut up!

We undressed eachother roughly .

  • AUW! What the fuck!

Lily bit me in the neck. Hard. Not a teasing love bite, but extremely hard. And then she went for my nipples while I was trying to push her away. The bitch was strong! She bit me in my arms, my belly and  went for JR.

  • Sssst, she said. I´ll be gentle.

Let´s be brave.

Luckily for her she was gentle. (Did that woman finally come to her senses?)And fair play to her, she did a good job.

She jumped on my dick, started riding me, kissing me all over my face and when I opened my mouth she bit me in my tongue.

Pain. Straight to my brain.

Without thinking I gave her a right one, her head banged aginst the wall.

She seemed alright so I went to the toilet. The white neon light hurt my eyes, my reflection in the mirror left me speechless. I froze. I looked like I had been attacked by a werewolf.

  • You need to get out of here! I told the battered body in the mirror.
  • I WANT YOU TO GO, she shouted from the other room.
  • Perfect. That will be my pleasure, I whispered.

I got out the bathroom, got dressed and felt her staring at me. It felt like she was preparing for another attack.

  • Don´t you even think about it, I said. Just go back where you come from and get some help.

I opened the door and walked out.

  • LYON, she shouted, I AM FROM LYON!

(As if that was some kind of accomplishment.)









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