Something Hot – Rock´n Roll Is Not A Dance

I finally finished ´Come Together´and put it for sale, together with ´The Ricochet´, ´Reaching Out´and ¨When Love Meets Reality´. Money, always looking for means to pay for the lifestyle. (In a perfect world I would not sell any of my paintings – they´re too brilliant.)

When you walk out of your place in Ghajnsielem, you never know what´s going to happen or where you will end up. I guess that´s the charm of living overhere? Gozo Life.

Much to nobody´s surprise I ended up in my local bar where I spotted The Dude.

  • Hey Dude, I said, where the hell have you been hiding?
  • New York, man, I told you. Remember?
  • Sure, of course I do. (I didn´t.) So… New York… Tell me you have been to Hoboken and collected my painting. Tell me you did! (I hate it when people ´forget´to pay me the follow up credits – as they tend to do nowadays.)
  • No man, you should have told me. And what was I supposed to do? Steal it?
  • Nevermind, fuck it, let me buy you a whisky.
  • Can´t we do a beer, Roy? It´s still early.
  • Sure, we can do a beer as well.

So we ended up with a bottle of J&B and a couple of pints.

Phone rang.

  • Don´t tell me you forgot about the 2 articles and the painting, she said.
  • Hi Clarissa, how are you today?
  • Can you please answer the question, Roy?
  • I´m working on the articles as we speak, honey. You´ll find them in your mailbox by tomorrow 8 am.
  • And what about the painting? You said March 12.
  • Which painting? I have no idea what the fuck you´re on about, Clarissa.
  • Oh come on Roy, you promised me!

(Did I? No idea.)

  • I explained you like 3 days ago. Don´t tell me you can´t remember a thing, she continued.
  • I remember your gorgeous ass, I foolishly tried.
  • Seriously Roy, I cannot work like this. Are you going to make the painting or not?

No more Sicilian women for me. They just don´t take no for an answer.

  • Jajaja. You will have it April 2.
  • What? Come on, man.
  • Clarissa, listen, I got an artist flying over all the way from Bucharest just to do one painting with me. So even you must understand I¨ll have to do that first.
  • So April? Promise?
  • Consider it done, Clarissa.

I lit a cigarette, tasted the whisky and drank half of my pint.

  • Are you okay man, The Dude asked.
  • Sure man, but I´m afraid we will have to finish this bottle as fast as possible. Got some work to do. By the way, are you gonna marry that joint or are you going to pass it to me?

(Things I do.)

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