So What The Hell Is Wrong With Modern European Society?

Are we civilized people? No, and I’m not having a Capitalist Migraine (yet). It’s just that the older I get, the more people seem to be depressed. Newsflash: most of us are lost! (Scroll down later to: Why Are So Many Drowning?) Sometimes it seems like only the ones who need to fight to stay alive, still see the beauty of life. It’s insane. What Have We Done?

The fastest way to get some answers is to ask some questions.

Why Are So Many Leaving Malta? (me being selfish)

Of course there are the ones who leave to keep their dignity. Not everybody loves a hamburger job. Especially not when the boss is shouting at you, sits on a different table during lunch and is eating different food. Slavery in the year 2018.

But still, where  do all these workers come from? Why did they come here in the first place? And where do they think they are moving to instead? Enlighten me! Where is that promised land?

And to the ones who are feeling homesick… Who, what or where do you think you’re going back to? It won’t be exactly the same, but slightly different – like in slightly worse. The outcome will be the same though: the reason you left to start with. So stay and put up a fight. Make peace with yourself.

It’s a thin line between traveling and running away, between exploring and being on the run, between being on the road and being homeless. Just moving will never do. You take yourself with you. Mea culpa.

Why Are So Many Drowning?

And I expect some more casualties. All these silly New Year’s resolutions. Who can live up to them? That’s why I only set goals. Small ones.

I wouldn’t stand a chance without painkillers, sleeping pills, alcohol, tobacco and some other substances Google doesn’t want me to mention.

I know so many of you pretend to be different. As far as I’m concerned most of you are accidents waiting to happen. Up to you. As my friend Nicole said: “The real lunatics are on the street. Not in hospitals.”

To be honest, me too I’m getting uppercuts. It’s no longer just the black outs, but also all these different worlds I live in.

Hell. Fuck this shit. I’m going for a beer. Why don’t you follow me?


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