So Where The Hell Did The Good Cocaine End Up?

So we survived 2017. Let’s see what 2018 brings. Probably: same shit, different number. Unless we use the number mark as an official start of a new chapter. Maybe even a new book? Hope. There’s always hope. But is there? Not without honesty, folks!

Witch brings me back to the original question. Where the fuck is it? For sure not in my nose. That one is still bleeding worse than any woman on her period. But as always: it did the trick. Meaning, I am not going anywhere.

But this is a new category: Late At Night. Early in the morning. Late at night. It’s all the same. Maybe a bit more direct. Just a little bit more horny. Time will tell. If freedom of speech allows me. Another reason why I bought a few spaces on the World Wide Web – don’t trust these American Social Media companies. (Sooner or later they will tell me what to do and what I can’t write about.) It’s in the air. Trust me, the 4 years ain’t over yet.

So, for the retarded: follow the webpage, not only the Facebook page. Or be a smart coward and stay away from it. Whatever.

“Is sena it tajba,” the old woman (almost my age) screamed to me.  She was squeezing my left ball so hard I could barely breathe. “You’re not my type, honey.” Anyways, you wouldn’t last long. Nobody does.

I decided to stick to the plan, go home, write this shit and start painting. And, I kid you not, for once I did. Got another MasterPiece coming up: Statue Of Liberty. (Quite big -what can I say?- 90×150).

Can’t wait for tomorrow. Sometimes, you need to step aside and look at things the day after. That is if you like surprises.

I’m sure this year is going to be full of surprises.


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