Do You Know The Ricochet?

And again the house feels empty without Zofia. “Take care honey,” I texted her.

Emptiness is good. 2 days and 2 nights is as much I can take. Women tend to take up too much of my energy. I have work to do. 4 women, 4 worlds, in less than a week is quite enough for a man of my age. Yeah, Santa Claus came to town. How wondrous.

‘The Ricochet‘ is the second painting that qualifies for the exposition that needs to take place. (Some day.) It’s amazing how easy it came to life. I guess sometimes joint ventures do work.  The danger of becoming one. After a while, sometimes you know you’re on to something great. So what else could I say but “You have given me something, woman, that you  never gave to another man before.”

The Ricochet

Fear only fear. It’s nothing but beautiful how some (young) women let me inhale their energy, their life – maybe I am a Vampire after all? Quest For Oysters Of Hell In A Parallel Universe. Whatever.

It’s been an interesting year. And it’s not over yet. It’s only fair to say I inspired some gorgeous women in 2017. It only takes a brush stroke. And some honesty. I would truly recommend every young man to take up painting – or at least do something. And while you’re at it: let’s keep things sexy.

Beauty is boring. It only makes sense after it rises out of A Pool Of Dark Red Blood, like sun rise. Like the baby you made ready for adoption. Love, with tongues of fire. It’s a sad, sad planet. But I thank you for the roses.

Liberty. Lust for Life. Love. The letter L is surprisingly rich. Meet me on the moon, meet me very soon.  Lalala…lalala. But first do 2018. Let’s see what it brings. Actually, let’s first do today.

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