Why This Journey Is Not A Fashion Blog

I just love fashion. It’s always good for a joke and a laugh. It’s easy to rebel against. It’s always ahead of it’s time. And let’s not forget I’m from Antwerp, the City of Diamonds. Well, it used to be. But it would be politically incorrect to dig deeper into the subject. I will do it later though. No worries.

The grumpy owner of the grocery shop made a joke. “Maltese Tits and Teasers,” he said when I bought 2 six packs of disgusting beer and a pack of Maltesers. (I like to have chocolate in the house when I risk having the munchies.) A joke?! I must bring out the best in people. Although, it took him like 11 months. Whatever.

If I were to praise Charles Bukowski or instead blame his alter ego Henry Chinaski (Hank) for the course of my life…  that wouldn’t make any sense. But it would be fashionable!

Hell, the age of 50 meant nothing to Charly. Well, at least not in his writings. I almost said:”And We All Know What That Means!” But I didn’t.

No, it wasn’t Women, but Post Office I read first. I will never forget the opener. “It began as a mistake.” Brilliant. But the one I really loved was Hollywood. It really made sense. Like saying it all.

It’s insane how few people know Bukowski’s work. I guess everybody wants to be read but nobody wants to read. Maybe Hank wasn’t fashionable?

Then again, maybe Charlie was trendy anyway. You can also tell by the music lyrics in those days. No need to give some examples. You are not a barbarian.

To cut a long story short, I guess it’s fair to say that reading Bukowski saved my life. Trust me, nobody wants to be alone. Not even the loner.

Fashion Blog

A Fashion Blog Is Not Just About Fashion

Or at least it shouldn’t be. For me fashion is trendy. That’s why.

Speaking of fashion. I’ve never seen so many people go to church as they do in Malta. Trust me, I know… I am always having my Sunday morning drink just in front of that blooming local business. Local, because I think most parts of the world finally moved on.  Anyways, to watch those families enter and exit the church is wondrous. So much better than television. The expressions on their faces tell it all.

In Belgium, besides my mom, nobody goes to church. Except for funerals, weddings and baptisms. Everybody seems to be thinking: “You Never Know!”.

Fashion Is Trendy

High time for part 3/6 from Islander.

A New Beginning

Food smells different when you are starving. Nothing much has changed. People who are aware of my existence know I have a bond with my bottle of beer, my cigarettes, sex and a few less common addictions. But all of a sudden these things seem less important now that I am inspired again. Lust for life. As if there´s nothing I would rather do.
People are conditioned by colors. I believe I am the only one who paints so dark using only bright colors. There are no absolutes. The face of your greatest enemy might be the face of my finest friend. You see the thing is: when I write about parties someone always dies. Creating art is like living. There are no mistakes in life, only lessons. What works for me is to live out of the glory of my imagination, not my memory. You see, things are always created twice: first in the workshop of the mind and then, and only then, in reality.
For the time being I am only sketching, waiting for a financial break (not luck) to buy some decent material. Luck is nothing more than the marriage of preparation with opportunity. Ideas come easily. My mind works through pictures. I guess I am blessed because some say you will never be able to hit a target that you cannot see. And last but not least there is always enthusiasm, one of the key ingredients of succesful living.
Malta is inspiring. There is the scenery, the history, the architecture, the blue Mediterranean and so on. Mind you, you will not find it directly in any of my paintings. I still refuse to paint what easily can be fotographed. Different media should be used for diferent angles. I like to think we have moved on. Then again, I guess common sense is not so common. But hell, never overlook the power of simplicity.
Time to act. No Valletta, no Mdina, no nothing. But yes, the best is soon to come. It´s about time to reinvent my destiny, with a wicked sense of humor, erasing the habit of worry. Or to quote Suzuki: “I am an artist of living – my work of art is my life.” I am making a series about Mind Control. Don´t know the tittle yet. I might call it “A new beginning.” To tell you the truth, it´s high time I discover my purpose. With a burning sense of passion for life.

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