About Me

Being Inspired

The plan was to die at 30. Well, that didn’t happen. And so it started…

I don’t really have to run, but I keep on doing it. I am always running away from everything. Somehow it makes sense. It really does.

Lately I have been reading a lot online about these Digital Nomads. Made me think about all places outside Belgium I lived and worked in during all those years. Of course every location is connected with a woman. What can I say?

Chamonix (France), Salou (Spain), Crete (Greece), Madeira (Portugal), Phuket (Thailand), Gran Canaria (Spain), Fuerteventura (Spain), Sofia (Bulgaria), Malta.

Maybe that’s why I am still living out of suitcases? I am a Nomad. Not a digital one. Just an ordinary nomad. Always ready to go.

I do admit I love reading about these Digitals. They inspire me. It’s nice to discover that the desire of being location independent still exists.  However, most of them are going to fail…big time, but some will ride the wave all the way and survive (like me). A few will make it. Good for them.

Introductions take forever. Please enjoy the ride and let me know what you think.